A global ergonomic technology company. We solve problems that others ignore.
Sit And Move Quality
Competitive European and Australian manufacturing.
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A new way to be seated based on medical science.
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Feature rich simplicity. The ultimate in sophistication.
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Creating a healthy and productive workplace.
Therapod X range
25 years of Scandinavian design and European engineering.
Movement and support using active biomechanics.
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Bringing science and functionality into design.
Cpod Plexus



Our design, technology and quality was developed through a 25 year alliance in Scandinavia, Europe, North America and Australia.  This is reflected in our Scandinavian design form and European engineering.

Sit And Move™ thinks globally and acts locally.  Our research, design, manufacturing, assembly and sales teams span across Europe, Australia, North America, Japan and Taiwan.  This allows us to leverage good ideas, new technologies, efficiencies and benefit from economies of scale in various countries.



We believe strongly in innovation.  Our research team  travels globally to see what everybody else has seen.  They then think up solutions that  nobody else has thought of.  SAM has several patents based on extensive scientific research conducted without any commercial bias.

We then set out to perfect our engineering for the product. If our testing equipment cannot destroy the product, it meets our standard.   We are confident in  providing a 15 year warranty on our chairs and build to exceed German, European, USA and Australian standards.



We have created a world class hybrid production model to optimise our quality and cost of production. Technological components and material are developed and produced in Australia and Europe using cost effective advanced precision production. This allows us to invest the savings in traditional craftsman quality and premier materials such as Italian wool for our products.

Traditional craftsman sewing quality, assembly and advanced post production testing is done in Taiwan. It is a developed country with high technical skills and renowned for its skilled labour force and labour laws protecting its workforce.



Product lifespan is the time interval from when a product is sold to when it is discarded. The material, quality, design, production, etc. has a direct impact on the use of energy, waste generation and eventually our Planet. Made by SAM chairs have been intentionally designed and manufactured using materials that have a long lifespan and use processes that have a minimal impact on our Planet.

Our goal is zero impact which we are working towards. All components can be disassembled, repaired and replaced easily. Plastic used is either made from recycled material or recyclable. To encourage the end of use recycling of SAM chairs and to prevent waste generation, in Europe, the user will receive a refund of 50 euros per complete SAM chair.   We can then disassemble the chair and recycle and reuse the components for a new useful purpose.